Paroles: The Worst (remix)

Tell me whatcha say now?
Tell me whatcha say
Come again?
If you cannot stay down
Then you do not have to pretend
Like there is no way out
I shoulda never let you in
Cause you got me face down

And don't take it personal
But you're the worst
You know what you've done to me
And although it hurts I know
I just can't keep runnin' away

I don't need you [x4]
But I want you
I don't mean to [x4]
But I love you

Tell me whatcha say now..

Listen close what I say to you
Back in the day I hated you
Don't worry we made it through
That was back in the days no one cared about Jaden dude
He hangs with his msfts and the kids who think satan's cool

But lately you've been bringing out in me a young poet
Your monogomy it bothers me you know it doesn't really show it
On my poetry you say me throw it
Your man just came through in a range I hope they tow it
Girl just for the moment

Cuz your body's a temple
Its simple
No need for an intro
See whats sinful
And they wanted to keep it resentful

Girl don't listen to these pimps
They got no one to vent to
Said you want some "In N Out"
We should probably hit [?]
And I went through probably all of the texts that I sent you

And I meant to tell you that it stens
On my love with a pencil
I can't express it through all of my stressin
in adolescence
Same with Willow I need a Doctor to come assess us

I'm sick of guessin
I'm sick of dresses
I'm sick of dressin
Lets get undressed and lets make a mess
So we feel the presence
Like girl I can feel the presence
Girl its like you're my therapist in all of our sessions

And baby girl its unbearable when we in the kitchen
Cuz we gotta be quiet cuz your parents listen
Like screw this I'm sick of kissin
Like baby I'm on a mission
Everytime we away we casually reminiscing
Our practice is repetition

I don't need you [x4]
But I want you
I don't mean to [x4]
But I love you

Everybody's like, he's no item
Please don't like em
He don't wife em
He one nights em
I never listen, no
I should have figured though
All that shit you was spittin', so unoriginal
But it was you, so I was with it
And tell you the truth, wish we never did it
Cause I usually do stick to the business
But you came out the blue and then you just flipped it

God damn baby, my mind's blown
I be forgettin' you live in a different time zone
I think I know what this is
It's just the time's wrong
And yea I know what you did
But baby I'm grown
And my love is patient
And kind, and shit
If this is real we can build
And do different types of shit
If you was really the realest
Wouldn't be fightin' it
I think your pride is just

In the way
(like a bitch)
Funny how everything changed
Once you got all that you wanted
Nothing was ever the same

I don't need you [x4]
I still want you
I don't mean to [x4]
But I, but I love you
I don't need you [x4]
But I want you
I don't mean to [x4]
But I love you
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