Paroles: Drinking And Driving

Dancing on the edge with you, but I am not scared with you
Could you remind me why i am here?
I can only feel with you, I am only real with you
So I need you to tell me
That you love me some more
Put your hands on my body
Till the my clothes hit the floor
I know you barely know me, but tonight I am yours
Ask me what do I wants I
Say whatever can cure this, mess
Do whatever I’m yours
Do whatever can cure this loneliness, yes
Do whatever I’m yours
Do whatever I’m sure
Anything, anything, anything anything to feel alive
Anything anything anything to feel my heart beating
Anything anything anything to feel like I am still here
Anything anything anything to feel like I’m still needed
Na na na na na na oh yeah
I-I got one hand on this bottle
One foot on the gas
I’m searching for trouble
I’m going too fast
I’m running from shadows
I’m hoping to crash
Just to wake me up from the pain and the past
Hennessy plenty weed, do you have anything stronger
I don’t care give it here
Wanna make this high last longer
Unafraid unaware can’t you see I am dying
Wanna feel what is real anything is worth me trying
Is there life after death
Or should I hold my breath
I just don’t know
I just wanna go
Whereever you take me, oh yeah
And if it all comes don’t to this
If all comes down
If all it comes to this
One day
If it all comes down to this
Will you be around?
Will you be the one keeping me alive
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