Jim Jones - Ballin' On Xmas

Ballin' On Xmas Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook - Jim Jones]
Christmas cheers
Dipset's here
Balling every day

[Verse 1 - Stack Bundles]
They say Santa knows who was being naughty or nice
I hope I don't get penalized for what I did with the rice
Name Bundles -- you can just imagine the life
I love Christmas -- I can just imagine the white
The trees, the candy canes
The holidays remind me of the game
The reindeers remind me of the Range (supercharged!)
Icicles remind me of the ring
She seen the videos, she like the fadeaway dance
I want to kiss her like I got a mistletoe in my pants
She looking at my neck like, "Damn!
You must have blew your whole advance down at the Colosseum"
Ma, the kitty is major
Without b-day, love, let me upgrade ya
You know giving's in a rapping nature
So all I want for Christmas is some rapping paper

[Refrain - Stack Bundles]
Deck the halls, it's a Dipset Christmas
We all ball, it's a Dipset Christmas
Fa la la la la, a Dipset Christmas
We fly high, it's a Dipset Christmas
Deck the halls, it's a Dipset Christmas
We all ball, it's a Dipset Christmas


[Verse 2 - Jim Jones]
In all my years standing on one hundred twelfth
Never seen Santa, no elves
Seen a couple mans go to jail
Trying to get Christmas money off gram sales
And that ain't work out (it's a shame)
They say Santa know you good or you bad
Gotta make an exception -- we in the hood, living fast
The cash that we get, I admit it's kind of fast
But we gotta pay the rent, put some clothes on our ass
I'm thinking foreign so Christmas morning
Cars with ? on them make the broads get up on 'im
Niggas upstate, well, this one is for 'em

So you can tell Kris Kringle
When he in the party he can bump my single


[Verse 3 - J.R. Writer]
No introduction, I'm the man on the mic
You all know the boy flyer than Santa at night
Me and Santa alike -- know why? I'm getting cake here
I grab a ho ho ho, and make it rain, dear
So fix your face, queer -- course I'm raw
On or off of tour, I'm a boss for sure
Talking war? Your doggie dog floss a four
That'll give you lead poisoning cause it's off the wall
I'm a player, fuck the constant haters

I had to go get these fresh up out the swamp
Weaponry to launch, grab it out the pocket
You think, "Damn, how this nigga carrying a rocket?"
Flashy for a profit
Cause it's kind of funny that my lawyer kind of clumsy
How he catch a case and drop it



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