Jim Jones - On Fleek (ft. Ball Greezy ) [paroles]

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Jim Jones - On Fleek (ft. Ball Greezy )

Paroles: On Fleek


Shit, I done came up baby

You ain't heard?


[Hook] x2

I remember when everybody said a nigga wasn't gon' be shit

I was so broke, ain't have no bread

Young nigga couldn't get no bitch

Yeah now, young nigga blessed now

Now I got a check now

I done came up when everybody doubted me

Young nigga on the set now

[Verse 1: Jim Jones]

You niggas is buggin, my niggas ain't budging

They stuck in they ways, like fuck it it pays

You get outta line, they busting away

Now trust what I say, I said it before

We ready for war more than every before

We been through some shit, you could never endure

Let's settle the score cause it's way more to it

Talking liquid I need way more fluid

The 40 didn't work told them circle back around

Guaranteed muhfuckers, the K gon' do it

J I double M too

Fly nigga bitches what a couple M's do

I'm at a crab table, what the fuck you into?

I done been around the world, where the fuck you been to?

Every turf you could name a hood

Still get work cause my game is good

I'm great with the heat cause my aim is good

I keep my face on fleek cause my game is good

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2]

I done came up like a lottery

Nickname me food I swear to God knowing these bitches wanna swallow me

These haters wanna hallow me

But I ain't slippin, even if I'm dolo bet my niggas still there following me

I got the 40 nigga we could engage them shots

Ya brain get popped when I let off them shots

Came up on a check so these niggas hating on me

Got bitches debating on me

And mama she praying for me

Yeah, nigga all this money on me

Got bees they buzzing around me like its honey on me, Ah

Niggas acting funny on me

They love it when I was broke, now they funny homie, but

Nigga I done came up on a check

Name ain't Keith how I make bitches sweat

Member I was broke living in the projects

Now a nigga on now, they saying I got next

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3]

I was just a young nigga, been jumped off the porch

Teachers told me I'll never get a Porsche

Now she reading about a nigga on the source

I done came up

Looking like a milli when I step out

A lot of niggas went left on me, now them niggas feel left out

Shit, I was at the bottom, fresh out of jail shit I ain't have a dollar

Back to the trap I was too into the projects

As long as the work good I ain't got a problem

Blame it on the streets, keep a 30 in my shorts

I ain't have a silver spoon I just had a fork

Capo said summertime we should visit north

We squares ? for them prices in New York

I done got my check right, living in that jet life

Drug money, sex life

Went to Vegas one week, 3 bitches in that lingerie

Ain't sleep till the next night