Jimmy Wopo - Elm Street [paroles]

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Jimmy Wopo - Elm Street

Paroles: Elm Street

Uh huh
1/13/97 N***a, A Legend Was Made
Tune TF In
Turn Me Up N***a

Lord Forgive Me For My Sins
Real Shit

Out Here Gang Bangin
I Was Born In The 90's
Bout 11 12 When I First Deciced
What The Fuck Imma Claim
Who The Fuck Imma Ride Wit
Bitch I'm 8 Block For Life
So I Got That Shit Tatted
T'd Up On These Niggas
Like the Offensive Lineman
Youngin Clockin Out
I was Putting That Time In
Niggas Steady Hatin
Cause They jumped in Behind Me
I Said Fuck it
Get This Money
Imma Kill Them With Kindness
Shit Was Adding Up
Now It's starting To Minus
Used To Shoot it Out
It Was Easy To Find Us
Now We Getting Older
It's Just Homework And Science
Fore' I Come Up Out The Crib
I Gotta Peep Through The Blinds
Roc Jean and My Nikes
In The Jets Shootin Dice
Lil *Deck To My Left
Top Dawg to My Right
Pull up To The Light
Double Cup With some Ice
Glock 17 If I Don't Up it Quick
*Gainst Them That's My Life
In The Hood Where I'm From
You Go Through Shit You Don't Like
If Yo Daddy Was A Rat
Then Yo Ass Is a Mice
Go Get yo Brother
Get Yo Cousin
Niggas Takin Yo Bike
It's Jimmy Wopo
He offed a Opp
Don't Make Me Do This Shit Twice

One, Two
Make me come up out That Roof
Three, Four
Better Watch That Back Door
Five, Six
Bitch We Finna Do A Hit
Seven, Eight
100 shots in my Ak
Nine, Ten
You Can't see behind The Tint
Lord Forgive Me For My Sins(3x)

Verse 2
I Got Niggas Throwing Bricks For Free
I Got Niggas Doin Hits For Cheap
Make It Thunder Nigga Okc
In McScary Wit My Killers
Nigga Free KD
Used To Be My Friend
Now They My Enemy
Since Elementary
Knew I see Penitentiary
Been a Bad Lil Nigga
No Common Sense For me
I ain't Never Had Shit Up Under Tge Christmas Tree
It's A Mystery
Scooby Doo
Uzi Made em do the Hoola-Hoop
Choppa Make em Chicken Noodle Soup
I Got Some Hittaz
Like To Tute and Boot
Donkey Clips
Let That Banana Shoot
On My PokeMon Shit
I let it Peek At Chu
Spin Blocks
Spin Back Again That Shit Like Deja Vu