Jody Breeze - All Night (ft. August Alsina) [paroles]

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Jody Breeze - All Night (ft. August Alsina)

Paroles: All Night

You should be here with me, touching me constantly,
I should be f*cking you, all night, (all night).
You should be telling me, how deep that thing should be,
all while I'm f*cking you so right, (so right)
'cause I've been thinking bout it all day, (day)
everything that I'm gone do,
so hurry up, stop playing,
I know you want it so slide through,
'Cause you should be here with me, touching me constantly,
I should be f*cking you, all night, all night.

What's poppin', right? all jokes aside
your man ain't home, let's f*ck tonight
I got the text, don't play with me,
I'm at the W, for two nights come stay with me,
I'm kissing you, you kissing me,
I'm missing you, you missing me,
champagne, couple candles lit
I'm a grow ass man I can handle that,
Let me rub you down, smoke a couple
Run some water, pour some bubbles,
And throw you in, wash you off, take you out
(Then what) dry you off, lay you down, wear you out,
and all I need for you to do, cooperate, (damn)
and I can be your doctor, let me operate, (damn)
I go so deep off in that, that her legs shake
we're f*cking till the bed break.


Still taking my time, kissing her high, licking her low,
I can tell by her eyes, she's feeling the vibe, it's turning her on,
she cute in the face, thick in the waist, I'm hugging them hips,
she's curling her toes, I enter her. (ahh) , she's biting her lips,
she got some nice nice not to tight just right, (right)
I'm talking wet wet, gushy, all night night,
she watched me pushed it in and pulled it out,
she's from up north, but love them niggas from the south
hittin' her from the back, making that ass clap,
all in the air, pulling her hair, making that ass tap (what) out
and girl you know what I'm talking a(what)bout,
the things I do is guaranteed to make you shout,
so baby come over, let's take it there,
and whatever you wanting to go I can take you there
but now I gotta leave, but won't be gone too long,
'cause all that I keep thinking about is the hook to this song.