Joe Budden - Make A Deal (ft. Ransom) [paroles]

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Joe Budden - Make A Deal (ft. Ransom)

Paroles: Make A Deal

[Verse 1: Ransom]
Who knew that Lucifer was cutting side deals
I know he's coming for me so I keep my eyes pealed
Although my situation is never really ideal
If I don't find a better way then maybe God will
And he don't got no trophies for the runner up
The escalator's going down, but I'm running up
They told me I was goin' be nothing but a lost cause
Nigga you been down a couple years so how you coming up?
How you stop a nigga from leaving after the love is lost?
How you stop a nigga from bleeding after the blood is lost?
Yeah, I got a couple of demons, don't get no one involved
Yeah, I got some goals I'm achieving nigga I want it all!
The money's piling, I'm diving in it, I somersault
My stomach's crying, I gotta get it, I'm coming for it (damn)
Let's swap shoes, you can know how I feel
Guess I'm just a little confused, I don't know if it's real
Is it real?

If I only could, make a deal with God
Get him to swap our places
I'd be running up that road
I'd be running up that hill
I'd be running up that building
If I only could

[Verse 2: Joe Budden]
I'd ask God how I last in this
Nah I'd rather kick it with him cuz to ask him shit, I would deem as blasphemous
Pick his brain and try to see what his passion is
Knowing me, I'd debate whatever his ration is
Product of a hell, but I'm knowledgeable myself
I'd trade me for the business that is hospitals and jails
Cuz' there's profits involved when they nail a convict
You create these diseases then sell us the fix
Or was it just to hinder me?
Every inch of me would make or break, or make great sense to me but then he try to censor me
But he can have that, that ain't even what I'm mad at
I would give him a stack back if he would give me Stack back
Let's trade shoes I tell 'em mine are hot
If I made in his likeness would he really mind a swap?
And if he did wonder if I would feel
Like I put faith in some shit that ain't real, it gives me chill


[Verse 3: Ransom]
How could you make a deal without the devil in it?
Some people make mistakes then say the devil did it
Life is like a game cuz there's different levels in it
You won't read the board if you're in court and you don't get acquitted
They say it's all metaphysics, why you lying if you ain't never did it?
If I don't walk through the fire then who the fuck will?
I think I'm on the right path it's all uphill

[Verse 4: Joe Budden]
Or could it be the right path wrong time?
Right thought, wrong mind?
Short succes, long grind
They say even when he's late that he's always on time
Wishing we could switch places so he sees what's on mine
Cuz it's heavier lately, the water's coming down, but the levee won't break me
And this world as is I think you better sedate me
I'm just having sick thoughts cause you ain't met with me lately


I'd be running up that road (uuuuuh)
If I only could
I wanna thank you...for everything
Grace and mercy
I appreciate me