Joell Ortiz - BARS [paroles]

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Joell Ortiz - BARS

Paroles: BARS

You are what you are in this world

As either one of two chance

You be a somebody

Or you ain't nobody
Bars, bars, bars, I got y'all with those by far

I pop twar, refer twar is on my sample

Squar to Kamble Joar is, come learn who I are

It's the boy from PR, Brook-nam veteran

Ex-drug pedaling, medicine by the jar

Turn proof superhuman, hear me raw

Started stampee with a yaw and a jungle, fuck a tarr

Sandman, I fuck up the guitars,

Beat up any drum barehanded, like a paw

Millon-karat diamond rhyming

Try to find a flaw

Better off tryna find an undiscovered dinosaur

In an unidentified flying object flying off

With Nessie and a yeti taking selfies, all aboard

Y'all niggas look bored

Wanna see a monster? Well, come on

Sarom play the horn, I trasform like Kahn

Edison better than whatever you niggas are on

I can't stomach you niggas, cattle curr

You design an umbrella, can't weather the storm

Pure toxic rain pouring into metal storm

Magnetic maggots, I'll wrap you faggots with the track plan

Backwards and the protools clashing

Why you look surprised, like, you don't know what happened

Whem OT decided to do a lil' bit of rapping

Brainwaves blacken, anything whole in front of me turns fraction

Friction and fraction, listen, freaking Frac

You no match when I'm spazzin'

So, nigga, fall back!

Hope you caught that

Anyway, I'm back in my proove like a zipper

Move like a wizard, full of hot air, your balloon

Is a figment of your imagination

I'm smooth as the witch that gave Judie Woodie slippers

No place like home, proof and some liquor

Preferably Patrone, nickels on mixture

I'm out here getting money on my bad honey twister

Fucking on somebody, mother needs a little system

You niggas got high, caused a few blisters

Those will get popped anytime I pop a sizzler

man, you can;t be serious, acting like the Riddler

Dressing like Robin, matter fact like Robin after her left his 60′

As a young boy, I wanted to act figure

Got a little odor, wanted to black six

I'm back to the activa, not the car, just

Act vigorous on my mat black Jigsaw

Carry the 25, now my pat pack's bigga

Clap, you in detach, that ligga

Mit from the rest of your body, you mad disfigured

This album gon' be dangerous, the artwork's a hazmat picture

But I don't want talk, I let the work speak

I make the internet flood when I first leak

So motherfucker, here I am, this next solo album for the fans

Motherfucker, fuck a first week