Joell Ortiz - Nosetalgia (Freestyle) [paroles]

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Joell Ortiz - Nosetalgia (Freestyle)

Paroles: Nosetalgia

They want me to rhyme on this!
Who? Who the fuck is your favorite rapper?
What is it that he or she does that make them a factor?
What did they do to earn your vote?
You democrat or republican? It's all politic
If I hear swagger one more time,
Then I might slit my wrist with this rusty dagger.
Fuck your ice! My flow code is a poless tongue on Alaska
On a frozen tundra. I try my best to hold them tons of hate
I hope and wonder, will it circle back to back when hope was younger?
When him and BIG was back to back on just with flow is dumber,
But daddy Cane was sitting back like you know where they from, uh!

I'm just a reaper from Brooklyn,
You disrespect with them direct,
Then believe me, I'm hooking!
40, this shit is locked,
I ain't leaving the book-in's
I'm leaving my book inside the oven,
Y'all see what I'm cooking?
This how I'm feeling, yeah!
This how I'm feeling, yeah!
I was an heir to million,
But I'm a millionaire!

Couple of shoe boxes
In the sealed air of Central Air
Breeze feel like money
While honey chilling in her underwear.
I fuck bitches in their hay,
You fuck them when they ok.
Like there used t be bad bitches back in the day!
You laying on a couch, looking stressed.
I just finished biceps,
I'm about to d chest.
Your check's bounced, I make niggers bounce
And get a check, they bash the dashboarder
Like a calculus test.
I'm out, I ain't looking out, I'm back looking
For who is rapping, applicant for new niggers
Who swear to God they took it back.
Take them back?!? God, I swear these new niggers can't rap
I take a few steps looking at these niggers, yu like that?

With this pencil i go to war, soldier!
Repeat orders for my core, soldier!
Radio try to take your soul, get your heart away
Try to cross over
But I keep them ten hearts away with the cross over.
Aye, I in the street clothes with the corn rose,
On the sideline like fuck ay lines,
On the court, hold up!
Wander if anybdy thinking they better than the hour
'cause I leave everybody stinking.
They never took a shower in the after hour drinking, smoke,
Our hoop is soaked from dancing Polka and Jamaican, listen,
I'm rapping major, God bless the Savior.
It's funny how being in first came second nature.
But even with the extra paper and success,
I play the block, I rock with the rocks, I fly with gangsters,
Pushed a T, gave me a high-five.
Who, me? Another rapper still able to go outside.
After my out of control went out of control
Kindred, we all right, just know we I am not getting off of this throne!