Joey Bada$$ - Beyond A Reasonable Doubt (ft. Action Bronson)

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Joey Bada$$]
Say gon’ get the levels right
Mic, mic check mic
Mic two

[Hook: Joey Bada$$]
Ashes to ashes, blunt after blunt
I dont give a fuck, you can call it what you want

[Verse 1: Joey Bada$$]
Check check, aint no reason to doubt
This be that be beyond that reasonable doubt shit
Rap Genius, check the account for vouch-izzle
We out here, bout a 90′s rap niggas ouches
Deep .. from higher powers cause no clique is high as ours
Niggas try and copy our style we can’ digt it
You can’t rep the coast if we aint say that you with it
If you with it, then you know who’s really
Runnin this rap shit nigga caught in the rapture
These niggas is just actors that we shoot out on film
Catch ya on the reals said if the cannister blaster for real
Now everyone can see the movie that you dreamin’
Everyone can watch it live while you screamin’
Blue dreamin’, make my eyes look blue demon
Make half an ounce disappear shazzam Houdini
Two genies, I’m too genius
Record breaker flows and this record a Guiness
In this gold I’m a pro
Say what you know? what you know?
Its how we roll, how we roll
I suppose
Its like

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Action Bronson]
Bam Bam, Queens
I used to suplex a fiend
Now I’m about to cop a duplex this Spring
It aint a thing to get the boom bing
Let two ring, while the kid is in the new swing
Hop in the 850 laced like a shoe string
I like the pussy like a catchers mitt
I’m passionate,
Your man got lots of clams but never flashing it
Stay with a bitch that got an ass thats good for stashin’ shit
My man got one eye
Work like where the sun lies
Through my sons eyes
Forty floods I look at the sunrise
I’m such a low life, but now I’m dumb high
My joint look like a mud slide
Shit to make my lungs cry
You hold it down I see the one time
Swinger beamer lefty like Mo Vaughn
Fancy clothes are worn
You get lifted like a composer song
Blood I’m the chosen one
I wont eat unless theres a frozen swan
Laugh at these old fuckers still holding on
It’s me, no

[Outro: DJ Drama]
Consider this an early collectors item
Something special

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