Joey Bada$$ - Don’t Quit Your Day Job (Lil B Diss) [paroles]

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Joey Bada$$ - Don’t Quit Your Day Job (Lil B Diss)

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I got an issue with this little bitch shit so
I’ma peep on, on lyrical missles that won’t miss you
Rip over your tissue, make your dad’s voice miss you
Would make no sense to diss you
So I dish you, nothing but food you little bitch
I drop hard to get fish steaks and ship like you
From stake…no bitch, ever gonna get pimp like you
Hit you with the cane till you sick and bring your dick
In front of your brain
You’ve been, flame ass nigga
Lame ass nigga, obesity stuck for the fame ass nigga
Bad ass not lying but they gotta tame that nigga
Harlic neve prying, now you dying, joke bad blame that nigga
You purple lame ass nigga
How you tryina be prince, and the queen be minx
Little fagot pants dancing you make no sag
Don’t quit your day job
Who’s after this, you can’t blame rap
I, could this all day, yo
It ain’t no sweat, it ain’t no threat
It’s this little bitch sick cause it ain’t …with the love
It ain’t nothing less, I call next
Ain’t a nun, I’m the one
I think I spit loss it, the mad ass enforcing
This niggas soft, I put him in the coffin
Make yourself a pizza get tossed in
I can do this often on your portion
Pouring, it’s a war we warn
If you want us still be spawn with the marches
With the army of spartans
Sparking up, I fuck your bitch when I’m parking the truck,
Rappin the 49, it’s park, what!