Jon b - Helpless romantic [Lyrics/Paroles]

Jon b - Helpless romantic

Helpless romantic Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1:]
This is a celebration dedication over due...
As the song plays through the nation
The world will learn to appreciate you
Like I do

I can't help it
I'm a helpless romantic
You're the ocean
I'm Titanic
Baby I would sink for you

[Verse 2:]
You got that feel good you're so tempting
Your like a villa with a private pool and
The Caterer is me servin you
My boys gonna think I'm slippin but,
That's just what they do
Cause pimpin is over rated
Compared to makin love to my baby...
Hey u know

[Chorus x2]

What makes a man not mess it all up?
What makes a man in to a man?
When does he finally understand?
That I can't help it

[Chorus x2]

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