JOYRYDE - Windows (ft. Rick Ross) [Lyrics/Paroles]

JOYRYDE - Windows (ft. Rick Ross)

Windows Lyrics / Paroles

(Intro x6)
Cruising with the windows, cruising with the windows down

Niggas get it and they fall off, it's cuz they all soft
Eight a.m. to ten p.m., that's on the rainy day
Wise words from dope boys meant errythin'
They say it's levels to the street life
Then I seen a bezel with the pink ice
All natural, mama tell ya to be careful
In the trap trapping to increase capital
No longer cruisin' with the windows down
Hand on the pistol anticipatin' the riddle sound
I'm Kanye when it came to 'ye
I'm Jay Z when it came to keys
I'm Snoop when it came to weed
So now they want to Biggie me
As the credit rolls, now the charge is federal
Money bags, I'm placed upon a pedestal
Still on the block in my Reeboks
Ye ain't really know these was the Basquiat's
Ye ain't really know who really call shots
Worldwide mastermind, number one all charts

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