JR Writer - New Slaves [Lyrics/Paroles]

JR Writer - New Slaves

New Slaves Lyrics / Paroles

I was raised in the heroine
Getting money nigga was paid off for heroine
Nowadays they in jail they going broke
Hot as hell, that’s a fact, watch you read on their folks,
I say what broke nigga raise the .. in this game,
Been doing ice for years you just met the .. baby plan
What you want, a road you’ve been linked the big rain
All this rap catch remain the same thing,
Talking this rift but only a few chain
Black whip that’s that mood same nigga
I’m too pink.

You see this slaves this and this follow was
I’m too busy getting chips just to acknowledge you
You see this slaves us and this follow was
I’m too busy getting chips just to acknowledge you

You know what time it is nigga?
Hey y’all money, I got you
Let’s go get em!
It’s too easy by the way

Uh, I’m from the era of the crack
Different level kind of rap,
My competitive’s whack,
He can never get a track,
I’m a veteran it’s evident
I’m better than your cats
Nigga better than this life,
Time is medicine all that
When I .. you can tell
Little bit of big, little bit of L.
Little bit of pop, little bit of punk
You are like machine, you will go to hell
Hold up, I’m here though,
Snapping on your zeroes
So need to tell you
But your favourite rapper is a widow
Yeah I’m buffle bar to best, it’s the hollum press
Sick and tell em guard is chest,
I put this on the rest,
Your lady fam says she’s diggin’ all refresh
I wanna take the hands to digging my money slaps
Keep that broadin check, you say you wanna .. the death

Shh, it’s quiet when I’m on the set,
The bitches that you want, I hit em when I want
Getting on the jump, off the henny in the blunt,
.. got my diamonds singing on that once
She know it’s me, black Mercedes spreading in the front
Jump, look me up, ain’t no hotter with the ..
I’m dope, shoot me up, I just got into your skin
Must be getting high thinking I ain’t sick as him
He ain’t get the fly, he just following the turned
And again this is what you obviously let
I’m too busy getting busy to acknowledge you cats

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