Juicy J - All I Need (ft. K. Camp)

All I Need Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Juicy J]
All I need is
Uh huh, you know what it is
All I need is
You ain't gonna trust yo bitch after tonight
Uh huh, imma make her whore out

[Hook: K. Camp] x2
All I need is one more drank, two more blunts, three more bitches
Four more zips, five more minutes
All I need is one more drank, one more drank
All I need is one more drank, one more drank

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
All I need is one more skank, dirty pussy, suck my dick
Scary movie, I let her use me, all in her mouth
My dick in her booty, we all on the couch, the cameras is out
And she say she a virgin, bitch, shut the fuck uuupp!
I'm 'bout my bread, gettin' throwed, gettin' blowed
Gettin' trippy, gettin' lit on these hoes
Fuck 'em slow, in my cup, purple punch, high as fuck
Twenty dab, hundred for the thousand dollar tab
Conjure my cab

[Hook: K. Camp] x2

[Verse 2: K. Camp]
Look, all she need is one more shot, that bitch lit, you can tell
Put this package, in yo box, you got mail
Smoke one more, touch that cloud, this that loud
That lil bitch, she get active, she get wild
We turnt up, too much liquor you can't hold me
Liked her pic, fucked her friend, now she know me
Drop my top, out that roof, that's that Rollie
Girl don't play, I'm right here, you gon' show me

[Hook: K. Camp] x2

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