Juicy J - Ice (ft. Future & A$AP Ferg) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Juicy J - Ice (ft. Future & A$AP Ferg)

Ice Lyrics / Paroles

Yeah, ice
(Mike Will Made It)
So much ice, so much ice
Your boy Juicy J, lets get it

[Hook: Juicy J]
Time to hit the club, throw on my ice
Anyone get wronged, put 'em on ice
10 bottles of the Ace, sittin' on ice
Actavis with Jolly Ranchers, pour it over ice
Ice, ice, ice, ice, ice, ice, ice, ice, ice
Ice, ice, ice, ice, ice, ice, ice, ice, ice

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
Ballin' like a fadeaway, my money don't fadeaway
I wake up, roll one up, brush my teeth, then go get paid
Let's go get this money homie, ain't no way around it
Keep them fuck niggas from around me
I go in like I'm grounded
I'm a rich nigga homie, I don't give a damn
Nigga run up on me, he a dead man
Spend the night with somebody wife in a suite
Got a thot pussy poppin' in a handstand
Style on my ace of spades, come here little momma, have a sip
Juicy J sold dope, they tryna ban a nigga like Actavis
I don't fuck with none of ya'll niggas, like an activist
I be gettin' bent behind tent, like a campin' trip
Brown skin, caramel, shawty just my eye candy
I got so much ice on, I could sink the Titanic

[Hook: Juicy J]

[Verse 2: Future]
I was runnin' from the police when I dropped my dough
I almost gave out of breath but I didn't lose hope
I got 350 dimes, I sell 'em two for one
I'm trappin' every single day because I gotta make money
And if a nigga get caught, bitch I'm goin' on the run
I had to learn about that fork and ever since I was stuntin'
They say the undercovers 'round here tryna catch me with somethin'
I heard they ran up in my homies spot and found all the guns
(We bought the AR's with the nuts on 'em
Them chops go blat-blat-blat-dat-dat-dat
When it's necessary put a nigga on ice like Ben and Jerry's
Quarter million worth of of real ice
Cause me and my niggas got merit

[Hook: Juicy J]

[Verse 3: A$AP Ferg]
So icy! Like Jeezy & Gucci
Low fade like Boosie
Spit crack like Pookie
All for the love of the coochie
Fuck them Friday through Tuesday
Hit the highway with the Kool-Aid
Smile, I'm in love with that booty
I'm in love with the music, that's why I do it
High off the stupid flow, I use it and abuse it
Half rappers is foolish, they take your brain and pollute it
I Street Fightered a ho, I take your brain and I duke it
I take her brain and I do it, I fucked your dame and you knew it
Got the fame off this crew shit
You couldn't last on this cruise ship
Couldn't last with this flow
I was different on this one
I got hundreds or more
Wait until you hear my new shit

[Hook: Juicy J]

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