Jurassic 5 - Customer Service

Customer Service Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]
Yo, it's rare for me to try and purchase a pair
100 dollar worth of good footwear
But as I stood there, I took the chance
Cause the money in my pocket burned a hole in my pants
As I paid for the shoes, I smile got flashed
And plus it had a nigga gassed cause the girl had ass
Got to my house and to my dismay
I got two left shoes and one of 'em was a display, damn

[Verse 2]
Yo, I want my money back, I just bought a Cadillac
Diamond in the back but the engine is whack
Yo, I ain't a fool, I be damned if I lose
The motherfucker look cool but the bitch don't move
Now let me speak to the man, I'm sitting next to the man
That can put my money back in my hand
Understand you messing with the married man
I got mouths to feed, ayo, I want my money, you can take these keys
I be down there in a minute and you better not leave
I put that ass out of business, don't fuck with me
Matter fact, I be strapped, straight packing the heat
I ain't your average service customer, wait and you'll see

[Verse 3]
I'm sick of this, it's getting real ridiculous
Phone calls conspicuous, playing games, I blitz a blitz
Who is this? All I need is a couple questions answered
Answer, can you tell me if you have the answer?

[Verse 4]
Security better watch the camera
Cause I'mma run and come back, slap the manager, he attack my character
Speaking whack and amateur and I'll be damned
If a brother behind the counter gon' speak to me like my mama do
Hell no, I'm tryna plead my case, I need my patience
I'm simply tryna feed my face so take heed
And make haste the face the consequence
Let me speak to somebody who got some sense, I'm saying

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