Just My Thoughts - Smoke DZA [Lyrics/Paroles]

Just My Thoughts - Smoke DZA

Smoke DZA Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]
Pass the Henny, last years of my twenties
Toast to being indie, fuck being friendly
Nothin' get me more excited than them brand new Benjis
Good vibes good energy
Uh, niggas hate because they ain't gettin' no bread
Say what you please, nothin' more harsh than the voice in my head (True Story)
I probably never be content with where I'm at life
That keep me with an appetite (I'm hungry)
Gift and a curse, takin' my blesses for granted T'm front the dirt
I know a million mother fuckers wanna be
Where I'm at more than me
I'm chasin' dollars signs, legacies
On a brand and sell celebrity
I kept it G when everything was leathery
Through every encounter we gotta move forward
Fuck moving with nostalgia it's the new Golden Era my niggas we all in it
New breed so a new sound gotta be invented
They were shittin' on the ? like niggas was cotton
But we the mecca of this shit, oh they musta forgotten
But uh, live

Was it not for us to play
With the game

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