K. Michelle - Hard To Do [Lyrics/Paroles]

K. Michelle - Hard To Do

Hard To Do Lyrics / Paroles

[Vesre 1]

I've been thinking bout ya

Are you thinking bout me?

I know I went crazy

But you were wrong

I apologize, I'll let it go tonight

Forgive me and I'll forgive you


Cause what you gon' do

When I put that pretty thing on you

I usually don't do this

But I'll do it for you


Oh, baby cause...

Missing you is way too hard to do

I'd rather be fucking you

Do you mind if I give you love

Cause I just wanna give you love

Won't you tell me if I'm doing too much

Missing you is way too hard to do

[Verse 2]

Lately I've been in my feelings

Dealing with the daily thoughts of missing you

I ain't dialing but my body's calling for ya

Breaking down, gotta give it to you

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

[Verse 3]

Don't get along all the time

Just want your body on mine

And you can call it what you wanna

But I'ma call you when I want it

Fishnets and trench coats

Underneath, it's a bomb

America's most wanted

Errrbody up on it

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

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