Kali Uchis - Ridin Round [paroles]

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Kali Uchis - Ridin Round

Paroles: Ridin Round

Ooh oh, ooh oh, oooh oh oh (2x)

[Chorus: Kali Uchis](2x)
Ridin' 'round and my car's low
(What you waitin' for?)
I feel like I hit the lotto
(What you waitin' for?)
I'm ridin' 'round and my girl's high
(What you waitin' for?)
We're ridin' 'round just to get by
(What the fuck you waitin' for?)

[Verse 1: Kali Uchis]
I don't gotta hide, no, I don't got reason to lie
I don't need your drama, I don't need you to survive
You don't gotta say it cause I know that you don't like me
You and all your friends can open wide, go on and bite me
I know I'm some shit and I'm cool with it
You can't tell me shit, don't come and share your dialect
Ridin' 'round your city like the cops now
Cause there's no way that we're gonna stop now

[Chorus: Kali Uchis](2x)

[Verse 2: Kali Uchis]
I know it sounds strange, but I used to count change
On the counter at the grocery store, the bags I would arrange
Now his face is looking kinda flustered
He didn't know that I was my own hustler
Baby, understand, I don't need a man
Fuck me over, I'll fuck you worse then take off to Japan
Think that I couldn't cross the street without holdin' his hand
And that if he did his dirt he'd get off with a reprimand

[Outro: Kali Uchis]
Oh no, oh no, oh no
Oh my, oh my, oh my
Now we're ridin' 'round your city with the top down
Ridin' 'round your city like the cops now

Oh no, oh no, oh no
Oh my, oh my, oh my
Ridin' 'round your city with the top down
Cause my passenger is pretty, we won't stop now