Keyshia Cole - Last Tango [Lyrics/Paroles]

Keyshia Cole - Last Tango

Last Tango Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]
Turn, turn, turn, turn my music up
Not tryna overdose on your love
Don't wanna be heartbroken, no more
You're tryna kill me, with all this nonsense
But I ain't havin' it, no more
You're the love that reflects in my eye
But you take it, away from me
And constantly

We, fuck, we fight, we make up
It seems to be us right now
It's love right now
We fuss, we fuck, we make up
But is this really us right now?
Is this really love?
I don't really wanna leave you

[Verse 2]
Can we make it, will we make it
Do you love me? Do I love you?
How can we love each other
And do this to one another
Seems to be us right now


[Verse 3]
Love on another, hurt one another
Fight one another, love one another
I'm so over the, the shit you put me through
The stress I lay on you
Is this really us right now
Can we love one another?
(Said is it really love?)
And then treat one another like this
Is it really us right now?
I don't wanna be us right now

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