Keyshia Cole - On Demand (ft. Wale & August Alsina) [paroles]

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Keyshia Cole - On Demand (ft. Wale & August Alsina)

Paroles: On Demand

[Intro: Keyshia Cole & (Wale)]
Uh huh, how you like it boy
Tell me
(It's like havin' that come back)
(I just want you to know that
I fuck around, do what I do but
You got that on demand
I think we'll call this one on demand, fell me
It's word Keyshia
No strings, no promises.)

[Keyshia and August Alsina)

(( [ Keyshia and August Alsina ]

(( You'll be the girl and I'll be your man
Fuck all that bullshit
I'm on demand for you )) I'm on demand

[Verse 1: Wale]
I don't talk much, I don't fantasize or bring thoughts up
See, see it's on us, if it wasn't for time then I would not rush
We could dump a cigar and beat the block up (roll up)
Makin' love run, make her heart bust
Say my words remind her of a harpoon
Her curves remind me of a Starbucks
I get up for it, put it down on it
I done found an anomaly
Can't tell what we about to be
Come and climb the mountain until you find a lake
4 am, club done, dress down, fucked up
Text message sayin' "What's up?"
I know what's up, tryna fuck

[Verse 2: Keyshia Cole]
I feel the love I want don't exist
But yet I'm still missin' you
Cain't help but think about, what I really wanna do, to you
(Want it)
But I can't help but protect my heart
(Want it)
Cause you make me, want it
(Want it)
On the bed, on the floor, on the table baby

[Hook: Keyshia Cole (August Alsina)]
I got it
(I got it, whenever you want it)
Whenever you
(Say my name and I'll give you this lovin')
Whenever you
(Break your body from sun down to morning)
Whenever you
(Do whatever you like, how you want it girl
Anywhere, you be the girl and, I'll be your man and
You can have what you want, I'm on demand for you)
I'm on demand

[Verse 3: Keyshia Cole]
So give me all your lovin' boy
Cause you do it right
When you want it, you know that it's nothing
I wanna give it to you, anywhere you want it
Anywhere you want it
(Want it)

[Verse 4: Wale]
Ain't nothin' better than them after party episodes
Man I kill that thing, so chill when I'm done better check her pulse
I perfect that stroke, so in turn can protect your heart
Love leaves both sides work [?]
So we yearn for the lust right now
1 o'clock 2 o'clock 3 o'clock yep
Got her like an untreated Vietnam vet
Give me your frame, I'll make you my pic
Give me your skin I'll give you my vest
Yes, I give you my word
Come close I give you that thorough
Make her share it with some other girls
But any time, anywhere know it's all yours