Khago - Keep It Real

Keep It Real Lyrics / Paroles

Aight look

[Verse 1: Kyle]
Ever since I was thirteen
I been surrounded by hurt dreams
And fake niggas who threw shots, but none of that shit could hurt me
Police investigations, but the police couldn't chirp me
High school, couldn't nerf me
The New boyz couldn't jerk me
Hey wake up like everyday
Someone got something to say
They all N.W.A.'s
Niggas ain't gettin' no play
Not in my city, no way
Go outside, get some sun, grab some shade
Niggas can't keep in they lane
It ain't no thang
My shit so biggity, biggity bang!
Bang nigga!
K-I doing my thang nigga
Young boy he done upgrade from that Cavalier to that Range, nigga
Best believe I'm that same nigga
K.i.D but don't play, nigga
You're lowkey like Japayne, dude
All you look the same, nigga
Dude, this is the shit I do
Spell it out for these dumb niggas, haiku
Weak rappers like you, are so bad for my mood
Yep, y'all better watch your step
Asians kid test
I'm coming correct
Really there's no contest
Getting it right till there ain't shit left

Uhh, well I keep and I don't think I'll ever, change
I'll never lie if you could look me in the, face
I swear to God that weak shit isn't in my, veins
I'll never change
I keep it real, (Keep it real, nigga)
I keep it real, (Keep it real, nigga) my nigga (6x)
That's how I feel, my nigga
This beat is real

[Verse 2: Kyle]
Aight look
Real nigga since day one
So fuck you if you hate me
Been a working nigga since day two
And a rich nigga since day three
Learned this shit on my own,so
What the hell could you teach me?
Kyle Harvey's no clone, you
Couldn't see me with HD
With a telescope
With a microscope
Nigga in the dark
With a lot of phones
I'm over rappers who smoke weed with white girls, and get Emma Stoned
I'm not saying they're weak
I'm just saying they're not me
And if like, I'm fuckin' great
I mean like, what else could they be?
Ya know?
They say that I sound like Drake
I don't
You're daughter thinks I'm great
I know
Your motherfuckin' CD package needs to come with a bar of soap
Cause honestly, your verses stink
That shit puts me straight to sleep
Even if I didn't have a nose, I could tell that your verses reek
But its filled with all this shit about
Spots you've never been
And about
Girls you'll never do
And about shit you never did
And all the niggas you killed
And all the caps that you've peeled
Well all you niggas are millionaires, so come on, let's be real


[Outro: The Hook w/ Piano Keys]

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