KiD CuDi - Rain [paroles]

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KiD CuDi - Rain

Paroles: Rain

i hate when it rains
all i really do is sit on my ass
thinking about the next scheme just to double my cash
if i ain't thinking about cash, nigga
i'm thinking about life
making a change, no winners do the same shit twice
rainy days are a pain just rest on my veins
can't go to sleep somebody's pressing on my window pane
man, i swear i'm going catch em'
but maybe i'm trippin
i'm scarface: my mind's playing tricks on me
when it rains, shit, i just wanna know what dough is

i get scared of the day when it's all gonna be gone
the spoken words to thoughts, never be speaking in vain
is it the only way to ? is due to hard rain
i need to find a meaning to change
ask god if he feels my pain
please, won't you stop the rain?

rain clouds they forming

when his soul on this earth was summoned

i remember a white church
and my lips had a salty taste
from the tears running down my face
can't erase the hurt

my ? and my cousin passed through, was like work
sometimes i ? just to sit there and cry