Kid Cudi - Young Lady (feat. Father John Misty) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Kid Cudi - Young Lady (feat. Father John Misty)

Young Lady Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Kid Cudi]

In my head your smile appears clear
Wish it was my imagination
But in a way was a dream
Your eyes they tell it all
Do it hard

But that's what turns a nigga on, strong
Probably never, find out ever
I admire from afar, star

[Hook:[Father John Misty]]
Jesus Christ, girl!
[Kid Cudi]
You got it goin on young lady

[Verse 2: Kid Cudi]
How'd you get so fuckin cool?
Fools tryna spit at you daily
Price you pay cause you're hot
Has anyone told you that you're fresh as hell
And I dig the way you wear your hair too
It makes you more mature
See I just want to be a man, and
? my kid

You got it going on young lady


[Verse 3: Kid Cudi]
You turn a nigga on, these feelings I have
You'll find out never
Unless you're clever
I admire from afar, star
Keep doing all the good things you're doing
You got it going on, young lady

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