Kid Ink - Body Language (ft. Usher & Tinashe)

Body Language Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Usher & Tinashe]
It's not that a lot that you've been saying, whoa
But I can tell from your body language, ok
Let's talk about it ('bout it)
Is you 'bout it?
Let's talk about it
We'll talk about it

But you ain't gotta say too much
Ain't gotta say too much
I can read your body language
You ain't gotta say too much
I can read your body language

[Verse 1: Kid Ink]
Said you ain't gotta say too much
Hate when you say that I play too much
When I get too close I'mma touch that subject
I can read yo' body nuff
Quit all that yappin'
Need less talk and a little more action
Now girl keep it G, know you speak a lil freak
I can hear it in yo' accent
So tell me, can you understand my language?
If you tryna ride, just stay in my lane
There's no other way to explain it
In layman, fuck who you came with, who you came with

[Hook: Usher & Tinashe]

[Verse 2: Kid Ink]
It ain't hard to tell
If you don't wanna take it too far, then well
You better stop flirtin' and stop twerkin'
So perfect, cause it's workin'
That ass worth all the worship
You been in yo' bag like Birkin
Never had it like this before me
You ain't know girl better read up on it
Hell yeah, gotta re-up on me
Bein' stuck up gon' leave you lonely
For the night, we should leave before the light's
On, girl, I'm too on

[Hook: Usher & Tinashe]

[Bridge: Usher & Tinashe]
Ooh, they say don't judge a book by its cover
We can make a scene that you be under the cover
You ain't gotta say too much
You ain't gotta say too much
(Girl I'm talkin', girl I'm listenin'
Come closer, let me hit it)

[Hook: Usher & Tinashe]

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