Kid Ink - Work's Never Over (Funk Flex Freestyle) (ft. Raekwon) [paroles]

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Kid Ink - Work's Never Over (Funk Flex Freestyle) (ft. Raekwon)

Paroles: Work's Never Over (Funk Flex Freestyle)

Uh, First off, no I ain't soft

Eeny meeny, any one of you will get broke off

Sayin' you the truth nigga look like false

Just talk too much and you look like narcs

More than the king look up to the gods

In my own lane your shit garbage, my shit poppin' your shit Amish

I been grindin', no other option

We ain't even started, still the beginning

Tell them this my shot with a lime and a lemon

It's no more limits it's ho's in my linen

It's ho's in … all round the city never seen you in it

Back then with a 4X tee and a fitted, riddin' in a bucket but I paid for that shit

Still got it, just dropped thirty K in that bitch

Blunt long as an AK, sprayin' in this bitch

Same nigga since day 1, you gay nigga' switch

When the dough start coming tell em' live is a risk

Talkin' bout bars got life get a grip
I said work's never over, money gettin' older

Never see me walking with a chip on my shoulder

Show price going up, every single quarter

Got you nigga's cornered, call the fuckin' coroner

Out of town, all the time, I'm a foreigner

In a foreign girl, I can transform ya

Reppin' that West side California

Make a wrong turn, your chain in the pawn shop

… ain't playin', nigga's back on they bullshit

Better find an OG and get to payin' dues bitch

I said I'm good in the hood yo

And you nigga's wifen hood ho's

Hold up, said hold up

Me? Nigga get ran over

Rose up from the roaches

Now I need a crib big enough to fit a boat in motha fucka
Rifles out, beard like the Russians

Octagon tub in the silk drawers, the dutches

Model that clayborne, posing in black sayin' the day gone

Swimmin trunks gold, with the suede on it

The rap version of Frank Ward, the mad cape and … home in Columbia call me a killa

Fried fish Friday's, fresh to death, waves are sideways

Blunt out, I'm ready to buy … paper bag stunna

Trench coat 40 on the throat, all I know, take money, wanna?

Besides bread … lounges, feet up coolin'

Merlot bottles get blown by the thousands

Heard I was browsing, but I was upstairs

In the room chillin' smoking bout to blow hundred thousand

Real niggas … remember the family, peace I'm out Ink