Kidd Kidd - Fake Friends

Fake Friends Lyrics / Paroles

Lately I can't tell who my real mates are so lets be honest your the reason I'm writing this bar
Iv'e got about five true mates, the other pricks are just dead weight
Iv'e come so far since I left that school I used to be the class fool now I'm pretty cool but I'm still not the guy that rules the school
But I'm better than I was it was my gain but their loss, some people think I'm a dick but I don't give a toss
I'm not wanting for people to think this rap is sick, but honestly its not shit its in pretty good nick some people might think I'm a prick but when I was down I was kicked I got up I'm a punch you to the ground ya trick, even your mum shouts 'your face knocks me sick you ugly prick' not even a prostitute would give you a free lick
Now I don't see what you was trying to gain by chatting shit to ******* all you did was cause us both pain, now stop flirting with her or i'll make you feel pain when I drown you in the fucking rain, this might make me seem mad but trust me I'm perfectly sane
If I was you i'd be praying, now don't repeat what I'm saying
Or you'll be crying now I might be deifying what I stand for, but when your crying my angel will tell me to stop but the devil will be screaming for more
Okay i'll admit I'm pretty insane but theirs no cure and of that I'm sure
Now stop flirting or their will be more and of your death their will be no cure..

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