Killa Kyleon - Move That Dope

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Killa Kyleon - Move That Dope

Paroles: Move That Dope

Lah! Potter out da bad
Potter 26 leather dance and the glass
I ain't playn wicha tramp, I ain't playn wicha gat
Thirty bucks plus whacha payn for the tab
Yung nigga, yung nigga, move that fish
Papa dough, move the whole time, move them bricks
Made a four due trend when I move that bid
Think I'm lookin' like a liquor, I'mma use that stick
Drink by the pint, candy coated bricks
We call it mud cause we pour it thick
Clear up my cough when I'm feelin' sick
I got drink in the drop, that's the realest shit
Pull up and slap ya, my silla split
Like bananas, AK got banana clips
I'mma push it like KD yo many cush
All my verses straight up, I don't handle with
Put it on the scale, big fish in the pond
Yeah, bitch, killa whale, ten cents bust a script
Fifth o'drank, kill a whale, gotta bitch named Hevy
Beat the pussy, give it hell
Been a silverback with the mic since twelve
Killa Gorilla, I need a zoo keeper
I'm lightin' the reefah, inhalin' that keisha
Too blessed to be stressed, I got Jesus on pizzas
I'm sellin' that butter like I work for Seasons
Don't fuck with no mics, we don't fuck with polices
I fuck yo sister, yo anus, you dices
If that's yo bitch, it's gon' put it on leases
Dawg need bitches, I'mma pitbull
Pocket full of songs and a wrist full
UG play, you can ask bun
Keep it 100, I will pack one

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