Kilo Kush - Magical Reality [paroles]

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Kilo Kush - Magical Reality

Paroles: Magical Reality

They want to be with you
Do you want to be with them? You will be
Winter, summer, winter again
A thousand seasons, you will be with them
And we be will with you, welcome home
This is not my home, "Dracarys"

[Verse 1]
A golden life burning from a torch
All I see is darkness, out here all alone
The winter's cold, feel it in my bones
Appearing through the night, the midnight sky above

Abandoned sight, empty halls can't find the light
Stars still falling in my mind
Who are you I've come to find?
I wanna make a right, close myself in thoughts tonight
Earths and sky, found heart in mind
Give me what I need to fire

Make believe inside a dream, magical reality
Love me here, don't let me leave
Make me see us, make believe
Make me believe it
Make it real for me
Make me believe it, make me see
Make believe

[Verse 2]
Can't lock me up, bound me here in chains
Though evil surrounds me, it's all just the same
Go through the fire just to make it rain
Feel the heat inside, the Kingdoms know my name

[Refrain] + [Hook]