King Los - Ghetto Boy [Lyrics/Paroles]

King Los - Ghetto Boy

Ghetto Boy Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]

I got that, B-More in me yeah that's my problem (what what)

I rep my city, yeah bitch I got em (na-na-na)

Fuck what you heard, niggas be wildin'

You got me fucked up, I'm from the bottom

Oh yes lord! Walk like I'm pimpin, talk like I'm mackin'

The projects love me, yeah boy what's happenin'

I'm finna kill em, I'm finna kill em

I'm on a hunnid, I done hit the ceiling

I'm thinkin fuck these bitches, we go for dollars

And my brothers keeper bitch and nino at The Carter

The equalizer bitch I'm deeper, wiser, handsome, smarter

They call an ambulance they ass don't stand a chance in Sparta

Oh no no! I'm out the west side, just ask my grandma

I used to move the pack, had a pack of blamma

My niggas stacked with AKA's and ain't no Kappa Gamma

And now we laughing to the bank like na-na-na-na

Fuck with me!


No sunshine or feeling better (the ghetto)

Watch em all scatter they'll kill each other (the ghetto)

If yo daddy dead, can't make him proud in (the ghetto)

Damn little boy, how you make it out of (the ghetto)

[Verse 2]

I got that hustlers desire, that fire burning

I got that Boyz n The Hood mixed with that higher learning

Na-na-na, niggas is bugging, niggas ain't fucking with me

They not on my planet, why should I panic, motherfuckers should be

Thanking the lord that I'm building the ships

So you niggas won't drown in the midst of the flood

Cuz I'm giving you prophecy

Niggas ain't watching me properly, bitch I be switching it up

Like a gear on a bike, play if you want

Say what you want, hear what you like

But take what you need, cause they dear to your life

Fake if you want, I'll be there on the flight

Like, free my ghetto cause we the ghetto

Real boy, cut the strings, we don't need Geppetto

They say there's levels to this shit, well you can't see my level

This a reach, you would need the devil, he would need a shovel

Bitch I'm deep, all I beat is odds

All I get is that, at least I know

All I need is God, and I can bridge the gap, Keyshia Cole

OMG, he's so cold, I know it's me, at least I'm told

Los bring rap back to life, this shit needs some soul!

You can ask my grandma

I roll because I miss my dad, you can ask my mama

They shot my nigga in the head, ain't no happy camper

Now I'm the best rapper alive, na-na-na-na-na-na

Fuck with me!


Lost souls and dope fiends (the ghetto)

From what we're told there ain't no kings in (the ghetto)

Gun shots and caution tape (the ghetto)

Why is an honest dollar so hard to make in (the ghetto)


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