King Los - Public Enemy (Freestyle) [Lyrics/Paroles]

King Los - Public Enemy (Freestyle)

Public Enemy (Freestyle) Lyrics / Paroles

[King Los]
Had to take it back to the block
The all black lac with the stash and the Glock
I'm crack in the pot
You Jack in the Box
My flow sound like when beans clash with the locks
I got that lock in the sock flow
Sought clots, I sight two Glocks in the fox hole
2Pac on this top row, Bumpin Wakka in the red drop
Mink like a nigga got Chewbacca in a head lock
What? Nigga try me? Ooh stop
Boy my confidence high as YG tube socks
..Peep the rhyme
Man nobody got a flow as deep as mine
Keep in mind
I know I'm the best I could be chillin' out
Illest illustrator like [?} be hittin' willies out
Or [?] terrorist, I'm terrorizing, you terrible
Now I'm verifying I'm verbalizing a parable
In a far away gym Lebron just lost a hair or two
Thinkin' 'bout the heat Imma bring and what I'm prepared to do
My niggas push pills like herb, urban disturbances
Cause ain't no love in the pen, just sermons and services
If you start a rumor you're a bitch
The hundreds in my pocket like a tumor on my hip
Maneuver with my shooters in the whip
All you hear is that cavalier, and you see junior with the Smith
Oh lord, Yeah I ball like B[?]
I ball me, I break bone like B-Boy Devoy decoy de-noise
Has been brought de-Floyd Mayweather of rap
No after thought, just a jab to start
Its a master's art with his art mastered
Amass his heart, unmasked thought advance the start like
Pencil fighting the arm wrestling detaching parts
To toe wrestling in Jurrasic park, bitch
Yo, your girl on my twitter feed
Trying to put her butterfly on my centipede
She want me to put my metaphor on her simile
Do the math, my nigga, we got chemistry
You think you a giant in the ring, I
I think you sweet as a giant ring pop
I mean, I ain’t got a lot [?]
She let me put my rock inside her slingshot
I kill you like goliath, rock inside a slingshot
Now we in that fly shit, rocking in that clean drop
Stuntin’ for nothing push a button and the scene swap
Kill that pussy (gun noise) ping. Pop
You seen swat. Come down off that Helicopter
Hella’ choppers out the window
Fellas pop a nigga if he read how you come across wrong
Like George Bush looking at a teleprompter

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