King Los - Versace (Freestyle) [Lyrics/Paroles]

King Los - Versace (Freestyle)

Versace Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]
Bitch, I need a platinum Aston Martin from Platinum
Matte black Ferrari, black Maserati
Maybach, a Bugatti, a platinum pool party
For me goin’ platinum, then after the party
Somebody go half on the mansion, no really
Like saw it in half, that’s how I’m fuckin’ this money up
Got what I made ’cause I saw what I had
Pardon my swag, nigga…
Your girl suck dick just to buy some Starbucks
Would’t give that bum bitch a box of sawdust
Hop up off us, got drops, we bosses
Push a button ’til the motherfuckin’ top get balled up
Like: “Lord, nigga – it look like Godzilla
Snapped and attacked the fuckin’ car, nigga, hold up”
Call niggas and tell ‘em I’m back, spazzin’
Bars so tight, they’re havin’ a back spasm
Versace, Versace – like Vick in the pocket, nobody could stop me
I’m trainin’ my bitches to dig in your pockets, you niggas is sloppy
You niggas is swappin’ the same bitch and call it your main bitch, you geekin’
Versace, Versace – I only hear money, what language you speaking?
Bitch, I’m out that Murdaland, we push white girls and push fast drops
Goin’ broke then damn near push these white girls to get ass shots
We did not have, we was have-nots – now 20K just my half-knot
For the big V or the keys, boy – niggas return, no caps-lock
You cop one car when you ballin’ – I like it I’m finna buy two
One white and one red, they the same, them shits lookin’ like Ken & Ryu
I went in, my dude – what the business, my dude?
Wagwan – boy, go on with the bullshit
Call upon me soldiers then be on with the four-fifth
Get in with the bomb, when it’s on, me no forfeit
Four-fours in a Porsche four-door
Four whores at the Four Seasons, fourth floor
Your money four-four, yeah I’m gunnin’ for the Forbes
Yeah I’m comin’ with the force, I done did this to the fourth
Fireworks on my own, fireworks from the dome
Tire skirt on, no chrome
I be merkin’ them hoes, go berserk on a song
Shorty pop a Perc, it make her twerk in her thong
And you can get that burger like I said at Ocho Cinco
It’s summertime approaching, I’mma smoke ‘em with a single
Just fuckin’ with a melody, tell ‘em it’s a felony happenin’
It’s like you witnessed a murder, that’s how I feel to be rappin’
It’s like I’m… so precise that I’m over nice and you overnight
Your girl like Ciroc over ice
I’m out this bitch – zero, I’m like…

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