King Los - War (ft. Marsha Ambrosius)

War Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced by Anomaly & Da Internz]


It's a war going on

It's a war going on

Yeah, it's a war going on


God told me this movie will write itself

Spread love, be wise and let foolery fight itself


Cause it's a war going on outside on the corner

It's a war on your TV screen every morning

Not the war with the bombs and the helicopters swarming

But the war for your soul, that's what everyone's ignoring

It's a war going on

Yeah, it's a war going on

(I was just talking to the homie the other day man)

[Verse 1: King Los]

He said I'mma pump this fuckin' caine, pump this fuckin' caine

Hug this block, tuck this fuckin' Glock, all you suckas lame

This my spot, this my fuckin' spot, you know what I rep

I go Deebo make my way up from a kilo on that step

Thug to death, yeah I mean the death, let that pistol talk

You say truce, me speaking no english, bitch go get some heart

Fuck the law, nigga fuck the law, they can see me too

Fuck a school, and the teacher too, they no teach the truth

What's a pops, never had a pop, let that ratchet pop

I'm too real, gave a fiend a pill for a Magnavox

Man fuck we got, fuck we really got, but this gutter shit

All my niggas hug the strip and all my bitches love to strip

So suck a dick, I got kids, and a baby mama too

Yeah she work my fucking nerves like a baby mama do

I be stressed, I be hella stressed, smoke a bunch of weed

High for real, pop the pill and drop the Xanny in my lean

I can scream, cause you just smile like everything is fine

Hope is fun, when I grab my gun, come take your life or mine

Suicide, yeah it's suicide, life is suicide

Fuck your right or wrong, the shit that I been on is do or die

If I do I die, if I don't I die that's suicide

Got the devil with a gun against my brain like choose a side

Cause it's a war going on...



(Cause it's a... it's a... it's a war going on)

[Verse 2: King Los]

I love the hood with my whole heart

It whole heartedly been a part of me in my own thought process

So I digest through my own art

That I'm blessed though I digress due to slow starts

But who else could bring the hood out

And tell 'em when they let God in, it brings the good out

Learn a lesson and listen

My current composition concerns your present condition

And turn direction envision of givin' blessings and wishin' you well

Well wishing and tales fishing

Siftin' through hell's kitchen to find good

Have a God-like mind as the divine should

Define good within yourself I think the time's good

And may these lines live forever like a line should

It's a war going on and your soul fighting

So frightening within you I see thunder and both lightening

Boat striking, snow ice and hail

Your whole life unfold like, cold nights in Hell

In a mode like, you're feeling low like, like you don't like yourself

You got no sight, no insight

No foresight, that's the shit that your foes like

Run up on a nigga get 'em froze like

Put the 4-4 to his foes like

Niggas 'bout to take a pic, trying to get the pose right

Red dot, headshot, hit 'em close like

Like, like all theses niggas I've got to shoot one

Fuck one pistol I'm cocking two guns

Fuck shoe money, I'm coppin' coupes son

No y'all niggas not 'bout to do none

Guns, that's a way of life, get money not God

You got guns, we got bigger guns, go get one and I ride

If I die, they say I went hard, I go super hard

Bitch you with this shits or not? We gon' get this loot or starve?

Fuck you doing? Writin' in a pad, fuck you making songs

What you rappin', boy you know what's happ'nin', that shit take too long

Fuck you mean? Get this fucking cream, get this fucking cream

Hug this block, tote this fucking Glock, can't let these suckers scheme

Shit too real, shit too fucking real, I'm too real to dream

So when it's -- [gunshots] --this cold world won't feel a thing

[Outro: Marhsa Ambrosius]

Lonely days are gone

All them nights to come

Waited to be yours

So let's make love not war

So let the choir sing and let 'em know

So let the choir sing and let 'em know

So let the choir sing and let 'em know


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