King Louie - How We Settle That [paroles]

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King Louie - How We Settle That

Paroles: How We Settle That

Tony tone tone

[Verse 1: King Louie]
I want a new benz
I want to fuck twins
Sometimes I fuck friends
Fuck some of my friends
Cause niggas be snake, sneak dissin on that hatin' shit
My goonies goin' coocoo
Straight demon on that Satan shit
High body
God body
If you heard somebody got whacked
Then its probably our body
My lil bro Scino he a loose screw
Please don't make me call shawty
Broke bitch trying to borrow funds
Im like naw shawty
Bum bitch trying to smoke my weed
Im like bye felicia
Ninja turtle ass niggas
Rattin someone get them pizza
Always got a pump when I need it
Yeah I love you Lisa
I grew up finessin' hella zeros
Then gave me they visa
Never sold cocaine
But I made a lot of crack money
Unboss niggas flexing high with the pack money
I spend it so fast
Its kinda hard for me to stack money
Busy bussin' juggs
Ain't thinking about this rap money
Heard him say I'm broke
But I got 50K in whack money
Shoot a pussy nigga in his head
Like they whack something
Goofies wanna be killers
But they ain't got no gat money
They ain't got no bond for it
If the police catch them
I know that these niggas gone' tell
I been hot since Nextel
I been hot since 2 Way
AG its a hit, shooters come from 2 Way
Might pull up with 2K
Don't got time for goofies
Don't got time for fuck shit
She with me she suck dick
Grateful for my mustard
Free my homies that got busted
These fuck niggas said that
Im getting this money and I love it
This a stain, I could give a fuck if you cut it
With your main, that little bitch she sucked it till I nutted
Artificial niggas and bitches they can't tell ?
With the pistol to a lier face
Bet he tell the truth
Had to leave my old bitch cause my new bitch got better coochi
Worry about these niggas
They some hoes, bunch of prostitutes

[Chorus x2]
I go hard as heart attack
And I just bought a lot of gats
I'd probably be a king pin
If I didn't know how to rap
Put some money on a rapper
I ain't with the battle rap
Face shots in the daytime how we settle that