King Louie - Tom Ford (Freestyle) [paroles]

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King Louie - Tom Ford (Freestyle)

Paroles: Tom Ford

Tom Ford, Tom Ford, Tom Ford
I don’t pop molly, I pop flesh and ratchets
(Let’s do it!)
More study rappers is some active bastards
Still it carries no probation, it was about the glasses
I spent stacks on glasses, took three flights to Paris
Ended up on’ ‘em Jesus
My shoes got the’
My Kush smoke like hell run
Your bitch let a nigga smash, I just got a head done
I look so important with my time four zone
I live in the war zone, sis is high and icy
Bitch niggas don’t like me, only money excite me
God don’t look in my bright’
I’m no hope for my city
Really plug with the mob
Being real is my job
Rather be rich than famous
And I sleep with my bangers
Cause my dreams they be dangerous
Shawties, I let you see through
Jay-Z know my people
He bought a piece from Hebrew
I do your bitch like plans
I don’t pop, I money dance!

Huh, huh Ford, Tom Ford
Oh yeah, that’s Tom Ford
Rebel, rebel!
I said clap forward, nigga, with his rapping ass
Four stacks, I’m going forth, so whack his ass!
Clap forward, nigga, with his rapping ass
Blow a stack for your niggas with your cracking ass!
Tom Ford, Tom Ford, Tom Ford

Send it up, it’s going down!
Do it here, she a queen, should get a crown!
Double cup, full of H town
It’s a real nigga, don’t get laid down!
Uh, uh, Ford, Ford!