King Louie - Try Me (Remix) [Lyrics/Paroles]

King Louie - Try Me (Remix)

Try Me Lyrics / Paroles

Try me, try me

Let a nigga try me, try me
He gonna need a tumb stone
I'm a stay in body
Try to be a robbery and a body
Unless you wanna spoil me
You should avoid it

My life's a movie
You should record it
Feel me, they wanna kill me
Killers are with me
They can't get me
Drop a nigga like a mixtape
Ain't shit sweet
Ain't no running with the amo and the mantel
I should have smacked them
And these rappers need Oscars
All this acting

I'm a writer
So people don't use a killer
Use a lion
Bitches love me
I'm a cool dude
Last night I had best friends honest
These niggaz really hoes, honest
We really honest, honest
Face shots in the morning, honest
Turn your brains into an omelet, honest

Try me, try me

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