Kirko Bangz - Wildin (ft. Boston George) [paroles]

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Kirko Bangz - Wildin (ft. Boston George)

Paroles: Wildin

All these bad bitches in this mufucka she fine
You broke that’s why you silent than a mufucka
You can’t tell me nothing ’bout my mufuckas
We wildin like a mufucka
We wildin, wildin
Wildin like a mufucka
Wildin, wildin
Too turnt up in this mufucka
Wildin, wildin
We wildin like a mufucka
Still got two cups up in this mufucka

[Verse 1: Kirko Bangz]
Well it’s that yellow ass nigga from the east side
In the yellow Rari got me looking like Pika
Nigga so high I been blowin’ on that G5
Knee high money bitches on me like Bieber
Man I was a mufuckin’ killer fo’ money had children
And I wish a nigga like a fuckin’ cabinet
I could fuck your girl when I feel like it
Even though my tooth chipped I’m the new Fabolous
Got DJ Screw in my cup like hol up
If you the baddest bitch in the club tonight say hol up
If you smoke good and you smoke good roll up
If you sip drank don’t hesitate to pour up
I don’t like a lot of these niggas, I don’t like a lot of these niggas
I done fucked a lot of these bitches
I’mma fuck around and put swangers on a Rari
Make white people say man that gotta be a nigga, gotta be a nigga
Do numbers like lottery nigga
She dig me like pottery nigga
I swear that all this shit that rappers be spittin’
Made a cosmetology, nigga