Kodak Black - Cell Theraphy

Cell Theraphy Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced by]

You know I be in the (?). Yo, this that weed 'em up bitch, 229. Free my nigga cool man, we ball U John, I promise nigga. DJ Lil Jackboy. Tell a friend nigga, fly like pelicans nigga. Lean my medicine nigga

I wake up, say my prayers, brush my mouthpiece
Get fresh, before I leave I tuck my nine-piece
Okay, I hit the dice game, I head cracked 'em
Quarterback, if he got the work, I'ma sack 'em
I came up hittin' highzes, I'm from the projects
I bought me a 7 plate and reroute it
Dropped it, cut a couple ones and made a profit
Runnin' your dope, I bought a key, don't knock it
Kamikaze, I'm turnt up, I'm a zombie
Jaw lockin', hey molly, you got me
I surrender, they got the prints from my finger
I was starvin', stomach growlin', no dinner
Lace my Timbs up, knock first then poke your window
In the rental, go up top with my Benzo
I remember, sorry that I'm a sinner
Serial killer, rest in piece to instrumental
I'm goin' hard, you're soft, you're too gentile
Model broad, pussy bought, she got cancer
I can't hold back, it's lil Kodak, and you know that
I hit the booth, I leave my shoes at the doormat
Load and cock it, topic, make it go bad
Silly rabbit, by my carat, get a toe tag
Project baby, get 'em, I go 'em
Polo'd down, pop a nigga like a collar
Bonfire, pray your boy top dollar
Top shotta, skrrr right by ya
Rastafari pullin' up in that 'Rari
No dread head but I chief the Bob Marley
Ohh sorry, we just chew-chewin' your girl then didn't train her
Don't main her, I try tell them

Nigga I'm over seven. I don't fuck around with your celibate. My t-roid (?) nigga, knicks

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