Kodak Black - I Wanna Rock [paroles]

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Kodak Black - I Wanna Rock

Paroles: I Wanna Rock

Yo, I got too much for you. Swear to God, dandruff pulled my wrist, like it's crazy. Kodak ooh flip!

I wanna rock right now so pass me the mic
Kodak Black right now, throw it all up tonight
Man I swear I kick that thot right out, we ran out of time
I say whatever, however I want, we ain't gotta rhyme
Nigga I put blood on my money, sign the dotted line
Ten toes down, point blank period, that's the bottom line
And I told you wait your turn to shine cause it's not your time
I'm first so no skippin', that'll out of line
Posted in my yard with my stick, don't get measurized
I can't catch no feelin's, ho I'm paralyzed
So it make no sense to even throw it, girl how dare you try?
I can not rescue a thot, they been (?)
Told you I'm the one, this my second time, get in line
Grab my pole, watch how I pull up, exercise
Boy I treat that beef like hide and seek, I will come and find
Ready or not, here I come, come from right behind
Loadin' up ten hollows, I won't peak, I will close my eyes
Simon says, don't you fuck with I
She gay and straight, yeah she fuckin' bi
You fly? I'm butterfly, I can treat a trick, sorry pumpkin pie
She love the pipe, I'm not circumcised, but I'm still that guy
I like big blunts and I cannot lie
Go back with my ex? Why would I do that?
Mike Jones, they like who that?
It lil Kodak but you knew that
Get more head than a du-rag
MJ, who bad?

Where my roof at? Where my coupe at?
Designer on (?) true that, yeah I blew that