Koncept & J57 - Excitement (ft. Andrew Thomas) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Koncept & J57 - Excitement (ft. Andrew Thomas)

Excitement Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]
I'll smile when my banker is as happy as my life is
I'm a lifer
Left my light on, I'm writing
I like it exciting, to write on an island
For now in my building near Brighton
See "Flight" is that next shit, now coach with a slight grin
Still smiling cause life is
Like i said, it's exciting
I've climbed from the bottom of the slums with my knife gripped
Never let nobody's mind switch
I'm him, your not
4 shots, buck buck
Luckily the gun stuck, cause some shots are undone
I'm so excited, my whole life I've know I'd open eyelids
When Michael died getting high I said I'd open skies up
So high my rise surprised by those that eye'd me
But it's time let's fly before the night meets
Love to sight see, but slightly blind
Still life seems alright
You walking ain't you?
Talk of what your father gave you
Mother made you dinner at your coffee table
Yo when more hate more is poppin
More excitement
I see where life goes, for now I let the dice spin
Head spinning, get with it, rest in my 70's
Best weed, best spliffs, the best they deliver it
Exciting ain't it?
Got a flight to make the taxis waiting
Yo stop the traffic, i have to make it
Yo a car pool shows up
I went to an art school with all girls, so what
Was tied down, no fun
A grown up, but probably never grow up, so what
Drink 8, and get another 4 cups, hold up

[Chorus: ATR]
Feeling time on my side
King of my own life
Feeling time on my side
King of my own life

[Verse 2]
They said you can't make it better than this one
So I went and recorded on this one
When you gonna stop pretending to miss us
I just wish you remembered you wished once
And you can see the excitement in his eyes
The same blues, the same tears that fell far
The same liquor, same heart that hell scarred
That feel apart - what was dark, now lit, a great start
Song's got a new spark, car drives, gas filled
But let's chill, don't want to tell til' our plan's skilled
Rolled, burns perfectly, and keeps smoking
Pulse, eyes open, our speeds keep growing
I feel we about to take off of this bitch
I felt it even before they offered us shit
And now we sitting down with these bosses and shit
Just about to be named the boss of this shit
Adrenaline is pumping
Can feel it in my Pumps and
In my nu..(nuts) and when I'm fu...(fucking)
And you can fill in those blanks
I keep laughing
But keep suffering inside'
See it happens
At this moment feel great so let's keep it
More drinking, more fun, and less sleeping
Parachuting, paragraphs off white mountains
Power moving, power makes it climb thousands
Don't climb down it, there's no harness
There's no harm in trying, alarmed if don't though
I am looking for a ride up
Where's your Volvo
I ain't going back to so broke
I'd rather drink a 4 loco with some broke mans coc
Be solo dancing to a slow jam home
No power in my house so the tunes just in my head
Well, I ain't going back to this

[Bridge: ATR]
Move, keep moving on
Move Keep Moving on

[Hook: ATR]
Feeling time on my side
King of my own life
Feeling time on my side
King of my own life
And I'm singing till the end
Singing till the end
And I'm singing till the end
Singing till the end

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