Konshens - From Mi Born

From Mi Born Lyrics / Paroles

(Verse 1)
From the day mi born out a mi mother belly
The gyal dem mi love nuh man mi nah penny
One day without no gyal in a the terry torry
That a prison yeah, dead yard cemetery
Yuh nuh waan no gyal then yo naw hold no meddi
From the gyal dem a call mi
Long time mi ready
Real life gyallis a nuh just imaginary
Full time gyallis a nuh just temporary

Wi tell dem seh a gyal we seh
Rain deh fall seh a gyal we seh
Portmore seh a gyal we seh
Spanish Town seh a gyal we seh
Down a Town gyal we seh
Mobay Man seh a gyal we seh
Ochi team seh a gyal we seh
Riverton, gyal we seh

(Verse 2)
The first thing mi learn from mi father
Man go to woman a the law that a order
Don’t cross the line, don’t step cross the border
Try find a strong black woman not a bragga mi rather
One ugly gyal in a lada
And mi and no bag a man no roll in a Prado
Malicka, Tashika, Tanisha, Tamara
If yuh no si mi, mi and a gyal in a the corner

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Verse 2)

(Repeat Chorus)

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