Kool John - Chain Swang (ft. P-Lo & Dave Steezy)

Chain Swang Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Kool John]

They don't wanna see me making this money

They don't wanna see me shine

They hate to see a nigga making this money

They don't wanna see me shine

I get that dough, kill shows, blow dro

We don't fuck with lames

Two gold chains, let 'em swang let 'em swang

[Verse 1: Kool John]

The chain swanging like a [?]

Reaching for my chain, that's a wrong move

She want me in the belly like soul food

Got a brand new fit, shoes old school

Big ego, I got a big ego

I'm only signing if the deal sweeter than Tampico

I be smoking with my chicos, throwing functions with my people

Living life like a movie, Lil Bugga is my sequel

Summer Jam, killed that

Empire, built that

When you getting money broke niggas don't feel that

I be where the bills at, bong, weed, pills at

Got game [?], niggas [?] seal that

Coming through the money, tell the bitch to grow

Every flow I lay it make me richer ho

I see you staring, take a picture ho

I'm taking shots like 50 out the liquor ho

[Hook: Kool John]

[Verse 2: P-Lo]

Rocking two chains plus one

Used to be waiting till the bus come

Got a bad bitch, she let me bust one

I be always working till the sun come

And it's Heartbreak Gang, yeah I rep that

I can take your main, you can bet that

When they talking 'bout the bar, yeah I set that

When they talking 'bout that bread, yeah I get that

They don't wanna see me win like I'm undefeated

Hoes in my phone cause I'm the one they feening

The whole bay popping, maybe we the reason

When I go to a meeting, make 'em bring the cheese in

I need my bread asap, Hbk brought the whole bay back

Your girl call me daddy, you make her say that

Bitch I need head, you know I don't play that

Straight up

[Hook: Kool John]

[Verse 3: Dave Steezy]

And niggas is haters

I'm rolling weed up in a paper

Got 300 dollar Bapesters

Niggas thinking that I'm famous

I be feeling like the nigga whenever I'm in the neighborhood

And if not cookies, what your smoking don't taste as good

As what we chiefing, shout to Rob and Olly up and undefeated

I believe that money gon' come if you do what you believe in

You just gotta keep working, keep it real for certain

And not just when I'm rapping though, I'm realer than you in person

Merking, all this fly shit that I purchase

You lurking, and I'm the type of nigga to observe it

It's crazy, they never seen a steez so wavy

They hate me, cause they'll never be better not even maybe

Every record I'm progressing

Best dressing, you can't deny it

Roll me up another one cause I'm tryna get higher

They niggas I can't even cosign 'em

Cause they snaking, and they shit that they selling I ain't buying

[Hook: Kool John]

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