Kool John - RNS (feat. Jay Ant & Iamsu!) [paroles]

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Kool John - RNS (feat. Jay Ant & Iamsu!)

Paroles: RNS

[Hook 2x: Jay Ant]

Real nigga shit

I don't give a fuck 'bout no bitch

I said real nigga shit

I don't a give a fuck, young nigga what

[Verse 1: Kool John]

All gas like I'm fillin' up

Real nigga shit, bitch listen up

Remember when I didn't have a buck?

I'm on the road gettin' cheese like a mega bus

Bitch, I don't give a fuck like a virgin

Off the 18 down 580 swervin'

I dropped the four up in the liter

Got that [?] on my speaker

Payed the rent off a feature

I, get cashed off of flows

Me and the gang fuck out of state hoes

We be smokin' out hotel floors

Broke hoes, I let 'em go I let 'em go

I be diggin' on them hoes, you be kissin' on them hoes

I be cashin' all them checks, poppin' tags off them clothes

I wanna cop that ghost so I ride spooky

That's real nigga shit like I'm takin' dookies

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 2: Jay Ant]

See, they ain't who they say they is

Man, who you think you playin' with?

You see I'm from the bay, bitch

And where I'm from we don't pay the bitch

See, these niggas still trickin'

Why they still trippin'?

All this free game and they still trippin'

Better tell that bitch chip in

Mob on these hoes, I be mobbin'

They be "Uhh, he might be a real nigga?"

Mob on these hoes, I ain't stoppin'

And they be like "Uhh, he might be a real nigga?"

So why you sippin' on 'em, I ain't trippin' on 'em

If they trippin' then I'm dippin' on 'em

Dippin' on 'em like s-s-s

Bitch, I'm just tryna get rich

And you be all on a bitch

And my family from the Rich

Man, I coulda been a pimp

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3: IamSu!]

I swear to God I make it look too easy

And every girl around me look too good

I'm pullin' up and all the girls go crazy

They lovin' me in every burb and every hood

Follow the flow

We some young niggas always on the come up

Where we come from it's so muthafuckin' hard to make a come up

But we've done it, look who run it

Like who sayin', you playin', ho we insane

Flow 93 Octane, no game we not playin'

Like me on, Dione, she high, zenon

Broke ho be gone, kick her ass out then I pass out

I guess those were the times I was slept on

Don't put me to the test like a Scantron

Cause we could fail it, and I'll figure it out

I'm screamin' free all of my niggas till my niggas is out

Ooh, and I'm the best without a shadow of doubt

On some Japanese shit that I could barely pronounce

[Hook 2x]