Paroles: Zero Fux

Why's your face tight
Is it because I'm shining and you taste light
You're a special case right
That's where I met you critical
Fucking salty individuals
Stinging like a cut
I'm the alcohol probable
Put your ass to sleep
Keep groping ya'll draws
On ya face like a rap party pound pat party Benz with some Bacardi we smoking in the lobby
It's a hobby never smoking bumpy looking poppy
Hitting home-runs kicking like our body
You'll never stop me fucking spike trip I mic trip
On ya paper hold down with a tight grip I'm psychic
Watch ya side chick
You've been demoted to a side kick
She's riding my dick apparently you like it
Apparently your blinded
Constantly reminded of the doctor making house cause you lost one behind it

We give zero fucks
We give zero fucks

(Kool Keith)
All my Cypress Hill coming down to methaphoric spitter
Butter ball so good I heard the word with my turkey givers
My fast ball fall ball got the dodgers interested in my spitter
The right hand that got you up at back with a Huggies pamper
Perce Amber name ya high heel dancer
I'm looking for publicity with the canons
No need for a selfie and the camera
The fucking McLaren is orange bandering
The ladies blowing my dick like the wind
My trim is to pull up on their ass and finger bend
Get cozy with Khloe Kardashian intimate
Any motherfucker you thinking rap send them in
Let them cook chicken
Check it check it it for a ass whipping
The Nets want me to play in Brooklyn
Keep the hottest bitch looking
With a thong up her booty cooking
The rookie is on my shit like drugs that hooked in
I keep the queen pussy dissing
Combat boot stepping on grown men and women
Niggas work in the factories put me a refrigerator pulling
Reliable workers you never heard of who wouldn't
Mother fuck ya

We give zero fucks
We give zero fucks
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