Krayzie Bone - Clash Of The Titans [paroles]

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Krayzie Bone - Clash Of The Titans

Paroles: Clash Of The Titans

[Intro: Krayzie Bone]
Imma let em know before we get too deep
I am the beginning of the end
I am the light
I am the darkness
I am the light
I am the father
I'm the creator
I am the alpha and the omega
Lyrical messiah, Undertaker
So I …

[Verse 1: Krayzie Bone]
That means I’m hangin’ it just like Ervin
I bring pain and it is like [?]
I wanna do the word, I’m rippin’ up about my shirt
But what I’m hearing is them blasting me[?] when they ducting in knees and they ask if I’m rappin
You better they [?] and they ask for me
[The Almighty, Lyrical Mastermind]
[?] it's they choice
Put the rest with the bitch of the voice
[?] what I gotta mean
With all the [?] niggas in the [?] and discover
Nigga really understand what [?] get the flop and [?]
I’m like a man and I keep a
Track and rapper [?] I’m kind like sensei
So let them bow their heads and begin to pray
And that you pray is that you ask to be forgiven
Don’t be foolish, don’t be sizzling, thinking you can be that pick up
You can guide, telling me better [?] just thinking that never forget
They got it from, or we come after them niggas
For [?] more blended


I don't really give a fuck if niggas
Even when I lean with it, I’m clean with it
Hang up the illest niggas, niggas never have seen with it
Supreme with it

[?] my zone
… that’s my own
[?] down shit, loud shit
Somebody has to learn more
And they never come around this with that clown shit
So I gotta show with the rhythm and the melody
Never had a bigger [?}
Everybody do it now ‘cause it don't really bother me

[Verse 2: Krayzie Bone]
Real in the streets, I keeps it real in the room
Yeah I need ?? why carry [?]I need the truth
And nigga don’t test me, I got a lot of experiment
Your curiosity may me innocent, but niggas that run upon me
I’m an incredible hell of lyricist
Hand and then back upon
And then [?] the sound, is so respectable
Have you heard the scary deal and flow
Theres a reason other niggas want to catch the boat
Put on, on the city [?] some [?] since I came in the game
And then only rappers since I’m singing and [?]like when they sang
Even producers, producing their beats [?] pain
So why [?] the fuckers, they can’t [?] like we ain’t the reason for everything
We’re backing the days but we can’t release now, …
And really never have got to be awake because they fell asleep on a giant
So I came like we [?] over and [?] the mission
I’ma rock to the beast [?] when the beat drop
You better call drink ‘cause the heat hot
Nigga y'all better think, ‘cause we not
But when we retaliate and the shit was cray, it was really cray
Keep it real, what the f*ck I’m supposed to say?
I fucks with Kanye, I fucks with Jay, I fucks with lil Wayne, I fust with Drake
I wanna have a Minaj, I fucks with Nicki, I'm on the run with rappers, I fucks with Biggie [?]
I fucks with Kendrick, I fucks with Mos Def, he fucks with lyrics
I fucks with T.I., I fucks with 2 Chainz
I fucks with MC, I fucks with Jeezy
But not with you Mane!
I'm fucking with A$AP