Krizz Kaliko - Created a Monster

Created a Monster Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]
Are you surprised to see me?
Yeah, you left me from there
But I may even stand
You thought that I’d never make it
Treat it like it was tribe you makin’
Not who I used to be
Now they scream for me
And you created a monster

Who am I to you? (nobody)
Who are you to me? (nobody)
Like things too long
Guess I made this song for you
You did it for you
You created a monster
Oh-oh, you created a monster
Oh-oh, you created a monster
Oh-oh, such a beautiful monster

[Verse 2]
Guess I get picked last in gym class again
Pick on the fat kid, we can kick ass on him
And he funny lookin’ and he can’t even afford lunch
So just give him a bunch of punches in his stomach maybe
Brother and mother, I’m makin’ them cry
Cause he got Vitiligo on his mounth and on his eyes
And he’ll never fight back, he ain’t built like that
He’s a scardy cat, afraid he might get killed like that
I’m a boy, turn them into ominesce

Minus the trench coats, slit throat dim full
Put ‘em in a choke hold, never let ‘em grow old
Mama told me make it into a gimmick
And my Aunt Fay told me it’s a reason God made you this way

I’m black, I had to be a monster
Oh-oh, oh-oh
Oh-oh, such a beautiful monster


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