Krizz Kaliko - Dancin' with Myself [paroles]

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Krizz Kaliko - Dancin' with Myself

Paroles: Dancin' with Myself

[Intro: Family]
Now, now Christopher
Don’t you go forcin’ everyone to listen to your crazy music
She’s right son
Don’t you go forcin’ everyone to listen to your crazy music

Now now now
Listen to your father
Ah, galy G guys, I just wanna sing

[Verse 1: Krizz Kaliko]
Feelin’ like I want someone to tangle with me
The whole wide world don’t know me
So my whole label lookin’ at me
Know that I’m genius
People lend me a ear I said that I’m genius
Just so I made it clear
Came boxin’ me, unboxable
Top the untoppable
Impossible, from more popular we be way more profitable
B.E.A.T. obstacles, see me, pay me, gotta get the dough
And I wait to the left, I’ve never been a didle
So I don’t get the riddles, this had better be all
Check, cause I ain’t reached my pinicle yet
And if they too sentimental to jet cause everything up on dinner was disrespectful
So check for me, I’m the one with the crazy hair
Dancin’ by myself, you don’t understand me then leave me there

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko]
They don’t understand my music and no-one else is dancin’ to it
I’m dancin’ with my self
Dancin’ with my self
I’m a little hard to swallow cause what they do I do not follow
I’m dancin’ with my self
Dancin’ with my self

[Verse 2: Krizz Kaliko]
How you make it when you’re fat black and rap wack to the naked ear
11 years, and I never even should’ve been in here
When you’re a freak of nature they hate ya
Stacks of paper can save you
And take the chance that they gave you
These ranger labels will slave you
But Trav and Nina, saw my chance to stack that green up
Tac city first then Kali’s ‘bout to clean up
You are something else
A record deal, it was summer y’all and sit on the shelf
And was sippin’ something soapy next to a sexual dismal well
But only a handful of you follow me and I gotta be godly
And I would revive a beat cause of a lot of them actors in poverty
And I’m left of self, I’m out to lunch, I’m out to dinner
I’m the best the world has ever had
If you don’t get me, too bad


[Verse 3: Krizz Kaliko]
Oh my God
Oh my goodness
This business is so ri-cock-ulous
The whole industry watchin’ us
We don’t forget and if you listen close and dose it in
Cause we supposed to be the poster boys
I told ‘em to tell ‘em, you’re in this economy
I don’t wanna defuse this for coopin’ if you’re snoopin’ through the sound scan
Think I’m floppin’ stupid, you sound man
But I march to the beat, I’m like
I can only make it so dumb so I’m dancin’ by my lonesome


[Outro: Family]
Dar it son, enough with this dancin’ with yourself stuff
You go straight to bed with no supper
You heard him
Straight to bed with no supper
That’s alright, I don’t wanna sing anyway