Kurupt - Heavy Metal [paroles]

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Kurupt - Heavy Metal

Paroles: Heavy Metal

I've raided my set, no doubt, collect
Raise a blazer cross yo neck,
Simple minded fuckers get dumped where yo cunt's at
I bomp let, have yo mind slump let
No more Teddy Assbeen, faggot ass dumb shit
Skinny Jesus with brown hatters
Sadquionquilism, when was blouse a bad habit?
Dump in the dumpster with rad maggots
Lenny Kravitz, pussies with drag tits
Rasin, Babylon's the name of the casket
Hollywood rappers take it up the ass to blow faster
80% of your favorite rappers are fucking actors
We're razin, gang-bang with the racid
Ain't bangin' a bastard, slamp pay with the plastic
Savage manage, animal, Hannibal, fully cannibal
Overdose on Aderol, I had a bowl
Drawn to the blood rip, I'm the camera roll
Mad dogg, rip yo toes on half
Put yo head in the casket, let it fall
Nobody saw, and if they did, nobody saw
Pick up your battery pack, axe to the back
Final call, torn and deform
Time for a serious nap, felony fighter
Midnight knighter, don't regret a fire with deadly desire
Plunch a plies, put yo brains up like pliers

This is going to be some sick fuck
Don't even try to judge us
Cause we just came to get our just
Us, just us

(Verse: Dr. Zodiak)
A socket is drawn back by a dramatical thumb patter
Death-lock, global bang tight on a brother
With dramatical shield that fly off the head
Hold dramaticalism, pretending to sound like a vocabulary retaliation
We spots, some type of shots, start resentin' and act lax
Send the fragments at first like fine lines deform, don't throt
Lyrically, you sound up like Hair Roth
You basic instinct like 'say what?!?'
I'm NK sayn sucks
Taking flight in a black microwave oven
Niggas all shaken up, I heard they go to San Andreas
I'm just sayn, don't make me make y'all make us

(Verse: Bangroc)
Like, all kinds, man I'm all binds, beserko, hurt you ?
Loco, coke you, you need a rare suit for the salting
Morbid, live like Gotti, a young sultan
Shooter, executer, a born looter
I'm a criminal-teaching nigga, a hood tutor
And your bitch, she was my favorite student
Barracuda, monstrosity, born shooter
(While you thinkin', we takin' care of everythin')
Bang, rock mills, your body shocks, exposures