Kurupt - Hydroponic (ft. B-Real, Wiz Khalifa, Mally Mall & Knotch)

Hydroponic Lyrics / Paroles


Lalalala, how we talking
Kush the only thing where money talking
Money so high, let me see it touch the ceiling
Turn my phone off when I'm smoking, countin millions
Light it up
Money so high, let me see it touch the ceiling
Turn my phone off when I'm smoking countin million

[Bridge x2]
Tell me what your smokin on
Tell me what your chokin on
Better be that kush smoke
Or you got to push ho

[Verse 1: Kurupt]
What you workin with
Tell your bitch to get up off a niggas dick
Money flowin like a fountain, touch the fountain tip
Just as high as I get off some nigga shit
Calibrating my calculations on gasoline
The wealth and the money will spread around like emphysema
I got to get it though, I got to get it though)
Get with it though, Get with it though
Triple po, I'm sippin slow
Lick em low, get your money, fuck em girl
Make it happen hit this hydroponic that I got for you

[Hook & Bridge]

[Verse 2: B-Real]
Scientific my green is terrific so exquisite
It’ll make that straight-edge nigga wanna come and pay your doctor a visit
Welcome to my lab, my nurse will bring you a dab
You can look don’t touch don't grab
Put em in a book, make sure he pay his tab
Superstitions and inhibitions bout these bitches
It’ll give give you visions of paradise and green and riches
And we be blazin so openly, you supposed to see
There’s no comparin' the potency, see let’s blow some trees


[Verse 3: Wiz Khalifa]
Kush, cookies
Pros in the game, y'all rookies
OG, up all night no sleep
Car with them rims
Hitted it with timbs
Tatoos on my limb
Smokin out with my friends
OG gave me the spin
Cherry pie' that's weed talk
Pull up drinking that gin
With some KK in a weed jar
I ran out of papers, put in in a bong
Bought a pound from my nigga, put it in a song
That high life I live
I don't wait till the time's right
I roll up and smoke on that kush
Get your high light

[Hook & Bridge]

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